Shortly to become a New resident at hornsea

Just want to say thank you for allowing me to join forum will be moving to hornsea after Xmas and I wanted to know what is going on in hornsea for a retired couple being an ex nurse and my husband ex welder

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Hi, i have just joined the forum too and hope to move here next year :grinning: There’s lots of things to do at Hornsea, if you like sporting activities there’s indoor bowls or the out door bowls club next to Floral Hall and Hornsea Golf Club. Also there are some nice beach walks and cafes on the front. There’s lots of evening entertainment around town, restaurants, bars, take aways, pubs and clubs. There’s table top sales and a farmers market and a lot of special events throughout the year… That’s one of the reason why we want to come. Were over this weekend, we can’t keep away. Good Luck too you both… :smile: