Hornsea Leisure Centre

So, the camp is split on whether the amalgamation of services on the sea front is a good idea!

I can see both the benefits and the drawbacks… What do you think?

Hi I believe that the multi million pounds investment in the multi service leisure centre library, customer services centre and visitors centre will be good for Hornsea. It is also a fantastic time that with austerity and 60% cuts in local government funding to councils that if these services aren’t merged we in Hornsea would eventually loose both. Also its an improvement to gym an library with also new visitors centre and new cafe etc for locals and tourists. It is more accessible for disabled parking and it will be free there for all users as well and local bus 550 can pull in there. The high street buildings are wanted you company’s as stated at meeting in Jan and also high street are changing everywhere. I believe this is a good investment and vital to Hornsea as well and will free up more parking in town. I believe local council is out of touch and that from my observations on eryc planning site and social media its more 80% plus in favour of this and think HTC majority were out of touch and lost in dark ages trying g to keep Hornsea in a state that is not sustainable or good for residents or future of Hornsea and that as some have been there over 44 years the ha e been good but that’s too long in power for anyone so time for a change